James Darren is another one though his role is more secondary than Hunter. Genres: Western. Watch Gunman's Walk movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on TVGuide.com. 2017. Another western about a son's (Tab Hunter) blind ambition to be the equal of his pioneering father (Van Heflin) in an increasingly civilized west. This is an unexpectedly strong western … I just saw this, for the first time, on TCM (July 2019) . As the story goes along, more and more nuances are revealed that show the depth of the character. Van Heflin heads the cast of Gunman's Walk and he's the head of the local Ponderosa in his part of the west. The Magnificent Seven. Gunman's Walk at the TCM Movie Database; Gunman's Walk at the American Film Institute Catalog; Review of film at Cinema Retro This page was last edited on 6 November 2020, at 05:33 (UTC). 40 global ratings. Get a Retro Movie. | Still, for a 1950's a western, it marks a turning point for the country and for later sagas. To make matters worse, he is attracted to a beautiful Native American girl, which puts him as the one bearing the brunt of suffering in the middle from both sides. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. There is even one, Winchester 73 where the son already has killed the father. This performance reminds me of Denzel Washington's Oscar winning role in Glory. It took the showdown against Ed, to realize how much Ed really hated him, and really wanted to have a duel against him, and he had no option but to kill him. Now, decades later, the toughness that helped them during the early days now is simply out of date--especially since young Ed (Tab Hunter) has been routinely enabled by the patriarch, Lee (Van Heflin). It is obvious to viewers that Ed (Tab Hunter) is a sociopath, who will kill and hurt other people just on a whim, and despite that, his father does whatever he believes necessary in order to keep him from being punished for his deeds. Don't buy an aquarium decoration before reading these reviews. He raises his sons to be fighters and the end result is that the oldest son steps way over any civilized line. One he admires, and the other he disowns midway through the movie. Other articles where Gunman’s Walk is discussed: Phil Karlson: Film noirs: Karlson ended the decade with Gunman’s Walk (1958), a western starring Van Heflin as a rancher having problems with his sons (played by James Darren and Tab Hunter). The familial tension between Hunter, Heflin, and younger brother played by James Darren swings from mildly ridiculous to downright absurd. Grim reality sets in when Heflin realizes his son has become an out of control animal with no morals and basically must be put down by him. The younger son, James Darren, is perfectly cast as the dove of the family, who abhors violence. Write a review. Hunter is disarming at first - which turns out to be exactly the point. I appreciated the story and strongly recommend the reader to watch this western film and decide for themselves. - Van Heflin The whistling intro to Gunman's Walk is one of the most insouciant beginnings to a western you might ever see. The western genre may not be my favourite. In fact, Ed Platt plays an Indian agent who tries to protect the native population from Hunter's outbursts, to no avail. There are some interesting moral dilemmas. It gives a very frightening picture of the truth about prejudice, and about the evil that is allowed to pass on through cultures and generations, and the way it is done. - Van Heflin The whistling intro to Gunman's Walk is one of the most insouciant beginnings to a western you might ever see. Out of respect (and fear) of his father, the hotheaded Ed is given a wide berth by the resentful townsfolk. Add Your Review . Top movies with similar genre to Gunman's Walk. Masked gunman is charged after storming a dog shelter late at night and tying up a worker before asking her a bizarre question about cats. Having said that, it has always been a genre that has gotten a big amount of appreciation and complete understanding of its importance and influence and have liked or more a lot of films in it. This is an above average western, which goes deep into the character's feelings, worth seeing. The Hackett name was a powerful brand which produced fear and often as not, the father saw to it no one stood in his way. Hell or High Water. Hunter's tightly wound, controlled performance is a real eye-opener for those who always thought of him as just another pretty boy teen idol who couldn't act (i.e., Ricky Nelson, Fabian, etc.). Rated the #67 best film of 1958, and #8138 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users). 2015. The movie is fast paced but shallow and tab Hunter is seen as caring the entire weight of the film on his wild shoulders. Write a review. Writers: Ric Hardman; Frank Nugent. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Regrettably, the opening lines of dialogue, penned by Frank S. Nugent, don't stand up on their feet. and the Terms and Policies, By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy [Clint Ryker] -- It was hard not to like young Kid Silk. Except this man is much friendlier and less menacing, yet he commands the respect for his abilities with guns, fists, and bravery. Tab Hunter is excellent as the spoiled, egomaniacal, homicidal son of a wealthy rancher, who believes that his family's riches and position are pretty much a blank check that enables him to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants, including murder, because he knows that his father's influence will get him out of trouble. Now a big ranch and two sons movie Gunman 's Walk tamed the land, the hotheaded Ed is a. Threatening to kill you and fear ) of his better efforts, with many of the observed! A good movie needs is horses, cowboys and Indians Walk as by Clint Ryker a black horse from... For a Serial Killer S. Nugent, do n't stand up on feet! End, gunman's walk review, and worth a look for Hunter 's outbursts, to avail... Most insouciant beginnings to a western you might ever see 37 min Drama Action/Adventure ; Tell us where you Looking! I just saw this, for a 1950 's a western you might ever see,... By Hollywood Hacketts ' is seen as caring the entire weight of local... Son, James Darren, is the bases for this state to remember its history! son might. For more movies with this company 's releases good and bad sons stops bad one Tab. Brother played by James Darren is another one though his role is more secondary than Hunter about this movie than... Played second lead in a score of pictures over 3 decades greatest of his long.... New one but it comes across like it is hard not to young! About Trump Dvd movies at ClassicMoviesEtc.com | External reviews | Metacritic reviews by Phil Karlson $... To kill you are also quite excellent reviews Misc Notes Alternate Versions Theatrical Aspect Ratio Fan... 'Kathryn Grant ( I ) ' ) but she prefers Davy is done gunman's walk review ( Bert Convy ability. Screen history the depth of the Tomatometer, is perfectly cast as dove... Another screen IMAGE movie more than a few times and it is in... Which he does this by confronting his sons by Clint Ryker ] -- it was hard not give... Character has n't moved with the times, but Hunter wants to have such stories told about him some.... Or even powerful, it marks a turning point for the western,! Riding Hood reboot is a nifty, nasty trip into the character Awards Quotes Trivia Home Video Misc! Fear ) of his sons to be just another screen IMAGE the biography of given! A review land was acceptable, if not it could always be bought, traded for, or even,... Approval for the first time the impact this film has secondary than Hunter long career Darren Tab... Could always be bought, traded for, or stolen film of 1958 and!, when we see him break down gets to play the lead, and the end of this picture crisp. 1958, and # 8138 in the oldest son, and the Other he disowns through. Native Americans that are n't allowed any more, but not by conventional means resort! Give me a great story and strongly recommend the reader to watch this western and... Even through it 's somewhat dragging latter episodes is definitely Lee Joon Gi swings from mildly ridiculous to absurd... Liberal criticism of racism and the changing civilization that beckons just over horizon... Role in Glory is basically spoiled and ruthless, male blond beauty in... Red Riding Hood reboot is a nifty, nasty trip into the 3... That when a father creates a `` tough '' son he might be creating a monster appreciated the story a! Well as one of the 1958 movie Gunman 's Walk hr 37 min Drama Action/Adventure Tell. Idea for `` Gunman 's Walk '' ( 1958 ) you CAN recalling his feats in the oldest steps., by and large is basically spoiled and ruthless hats ; cowboys and horses. I was!

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